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Art Against Antisemitism is a robust community that regularly features its own art, invites artists of all backgrounds to contribute theirs, and inspires viewers to learn about antisemitism in a way that feels personal, meaningful, and impactful to its mission.

621-I exist, by Featured Artist Esther Cohen
621-I exist, by Featured Artist Esther Cohen

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Submit your own  #ArtAgainstAntisemitism along with a statement about why you created the project. If your work is selected to be featured, we’ll send you $100 as a thank-you. Visit the gallery ➡

Fighting bigotry should not be a competition between minority groups; it's not a zero-sum game.
Zero-Sum Game by Lisa Link (Instagram series)


Celebrating voices of hope & acts of courage. Documenting our times.
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58% of religious hate crimes agains Jews 2% of the population.
58% by Lisa Link (Instagram series)


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We often refrain from calling out anti-Semitism on our side for fear of our political bona fides being questioned or, worse, losing friends or being smeared as the things we most revile: racist, white supremacist, colonialist and so on. And that is exactly what happens when we do speak up.

On the Frontlines of Progressive Anti-Semitism. Blake Flayton,, 11/14/19.


Thank you to the Emma Lazarus Award from The Combat Anti-Semitism Movement for supporting this art project.

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